Name :
Smooth defoaming agentSAF
Content :

Chemical component Silicone emulsion
Appearance: Milky syrupy liquid
Solubility: Can be dissolved or emulsified in water, 1% solution in water without oil beads.
PH Value: PH=7
Ionizing: Non-ionic
Feature: Defoaming or inhibiting foam formation, by adding the fabric has a smooth feeling.
Temperature resistance: Does not apply to high-temperature foaming, temperature does not exceed 80 ℃.
Specification It can pass the following chemical and physical index


Index Name
Solid content
Emulsion Feature

Milky white liquid paste
1% water emulsion should be no oil beads

Use Smooth defoaming agentSAFMainly used for foaming under dynamic or static, for the elimination of plastics, fibers, rubber and printing paste materials synthesis and processing of industrial water-based coatings produced foam.
Use method
(1) ABS plastic used to eliminate the Dodecanol sulfate slurry produced in the foam, one ten thousandth of the amount of plastic slurry, the temperature is around 80 ℃, PH = 5-7 between the very good results. (2) for the chemical fiber sizing the amount of acrylate about 0.5% antifoam (for slurry), temperature 50 ~ 55 ℃ (slurry), acidic pH effect is still good. (3) for dye printing defoaming the slurry, the amount of 0.5-1 g / l (for slurry), at room temperature, neutral and basic elimination of dye when the bubble. (4) in the aqueous coating Defoamer SAF0.2% added after the rapid disappearance of visible bubbles, then there is still stirring defoaming effect.
Package 50kg plastic barrel
S&T half year.