Name :
Hydroxymethyl cellulose (sodium)CMC
Content :

Chemical Name: Hydroxymethyl cellulose (sodium)CMC
Alias: Chemical pulp
Powder, alkaline, non-toxic, odorless, insects do not eat mice, non-perishable, with a strong bond. Bonding can be used in paper, shoe paste meal, mortar thickening. Fabric sizing, turning the sand shape, refractory molding, architectural putty coatings, daily office, and detergents, oil and mud stabilizer and so on.
This product is easy to use ten times in general processing of cold water, stir in half an hour to use.
This product is flammable hazardous materials. Transport, storage are safe and easy. It should be stored in dry and ventilated place. 25kg woven bag lined with film bag Package, handling can not use hooks.
Quality index
2% water solution viscosity, MPa 300~600
Replacing degree(D.S) ≥0.65
PH Value 7-9
Chlorides % ≤7
(Powder) 10
(Flocculent) 35%